How to Be the Best Intern EVER


It’s one thing to be accepted by the company you wanted to do your internship with, but a completely different thing to leave a good impression on them. While your goal might not be to get hired permanently, it’s important to network with professionals in your field and get recommendation letters for later use. What are some of the ways in which you can become the best intern anyone could possible ask for?

Inquire about projects

Showing an interest into ongoing projects and active developments in the company might be the best thing you can possibly do. Many interns stick to their own projects and don’t want any more work handed to them. Asking about related projects and anything that you might be able to fit into might be a good idea if you are doing your internship in a small company or a company with a lot on their plate.

Respect the deadlines

Not following the deadlines you were instructed to abide by is the worst thing you can do as an intern. This shows a direct disrespect for the company and presents you as an unreliable individual in the eyes of your mentor. While health or family issues can explain your late submissions, keep in mind that the success of your internship depends solely on your performance.

Embrace the culture

Each company has a distinct culture that everyone agrees on. Becoming a part of that culture even for a few months can give you a taste of what it would look like to actually work there. Follow along with anything that your mentor and coworkers might be doing and try to blend in as best as possible. This is the best way to leave a good impression and come off as someone who genuinely wants to be a part of the company.

Participate actively

You may be a part of casual conversations, formal meetings or project planning while you are an intern – make sure to speak up and be an active part of the team. Interns who keep quiet and under the radar often leave the company without any impact made on their part. Do your best to communicate with coworkers and treat everyone with politeness and professionalism they deserve.

Ask for feedback

No intern is perfect – this is why you are in the company of your choosing in the first place. Ask your mentor and fellow workers for feedback about what to do better. This can improve your skillset and ensure that you are well-accepted by the company community. People will be far more likely to recommend you for a full-time position or a letter of recommendation if you act like a professional who wants to develop further with each passing day.

The best way to be the best intern ever is to just be yourself while you are at work. There is no need to fake emotions or thoughts just to get on someone’s good side. The right company that shares your worldviews is certainly waiting for you down the line. Use the opportunity in front of you to network and leave a good impression on future professional contacts – this is the best thing you can do for yourself as an intern.