Career Tips You Need to Ignore


When you first get a job, it’s like a free for all of the unsolicited advice. People who have jobs have so much to say. People who are retired have even more to say about it. Although some advice can be helpful, there is such a thing as bad career advice. This is especially true if the one giving out this advice is someone who knows absolutely nothing about the work you are doing. Even if they do, sometimes people have preconceived notions about how you should approach your work even if it’s wrong.

In the end, you may possibly make a mistake in your job because you followed the wrong advice. Although it is borne from good intentions, bad career advice if just that – bad. Here are some of the common career tips that you need to ignore:

Cut your resume down to size

Many people say that you should remove achievements that are not related to the job you are applying to. Ultimately, this is the worst advice anyone can give. Out of all the candidates who apply for a certain job, you all have the prerequisites. What you need is something that will make you stand out. So, don’t cut down that resume to the bare minimum. Keep it to two pages, but don’t delete that volunteer job you had or the skill that you think won’t be needed. Every skill and experience if applicable to any job.

Ask to be promoted

So you’re six months in and you’re feeling pretty good about your performance. Someone tells you it’s time to ask for a raise or a promotion. Do you do it? No. In this day and age, promotions are given out, not asked for. The only reason a promotion would be open is if the heads of the company open up a new position for the good of the company or if someone retires or leaves. With the number of employees any one company has, promotions are few and far in between. It won’t hurt to ask, but don’t expect it to happen. Wait for a decision from the company and just keep doing your best to show them that you are the ideal candidate for the new position that has just opened up.

Find a job that you love

No. The better advice is to find a job that you love later. We all need to pay our dues before we can make the most out of our careers. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a job that you love immediately. However, the most you can expect without any luck is getting a job that will help you achieve your dreams. You need to start somewhere and wasting your time looking for a job you love in an economy with very few career opportunities is financial suicide. Earn money, save, then find the job you love. Do it as long as you want until you find the job you love, but make sure you don’t go hungry along the way.

Send a friendly email, gift basket, or note to the person hiring you

No, no, and no. Sending a friendly email is not common courtesy. It’s more like sucking up. Some employers may appreciate it, but it doesn’t really give you an edge. Sending a gift basket constitutes as a faux pas and a possible legal issue with the company. Employers are not allowed to receive gifts from applicants. Experts say that you should send a follow-up email instead and thank them within that letter. This shows that you are honest, direct, and not just sucking up to get the job.

Tips for Achieving a Career You Love


Generations before us were stuck with jobs that they did not like, but ones that they needed. In this day and age, we have more flexibility when it comes to choosing our profession. Still, there are times when we cannot achieve the jobs we would love to do. Writers become doctors. Doctors become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs become scientists. As appealing as all of those jobs are, if it’s not what you love, then there is a possibility that your career will not thrive the way you wish.

To find the job that you love and actually get hired for it, follow these tips:

Think about what you want to do

So you don’t like your job. The salary’s good. It pays the bills, but you wish every day that you didn’t have to get up because your job does not make your heart sing. So what does make you tingle inside? What is your dream? What is your skill? What are you so passionate about that you can actually make a living out of it. Find the answers to these questions before you take the next step. If your answers were wrong, take a look at step five.

Cultivate a plan

Before jumping the gun and leaving your work like those idiots in comedy films, you better make a plan before you start a new career. Leaving work is one thing, but leaving it without severance, savings, and insurance is another. If you want to follow your passion, make sure you have food on the table and electricity and water to get things done. To put it simply, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Just make sure you have a basket full of cash before leaving your job. Save before you find a new job.

Take the first step

Once you’ve saved enough so you can leave work, it is time to find the job you love. You can either start your own company, find an angel investor, or work for someone else. The first thing you should do is find the people that will help you do this. Look at job boards. Develop ideas for a business. Find people who will invest in your ideas.

Be proactive

It’s easy to say do this and do that, but you actually have to get up off your butt and act on what you want. If you want a certain job, train for it. If you want to open a business, study the market. If you want to apply to your dream job, get the prerequisites like another degree. In any case, do your best to get the job that you want.

Never give up

Finding the job you love is no easy task. There will be obstacles and no one will give you handouts – unless your family is rich. You will fail spectacularly and you will get up in the same way. You will do so again and keep repeating it until you finally get the job you always dreamed of. If it still hasn’t happened, don’t give up. Find another way.

Almost giving up, but not really

The probability of you not getting a job is very low. The probability of you not getting the job of your dreams is very high. So what do you do? You adjust. Find the job that you love and make concessions. Accept a lower salary. Commute to a farther workplace. Put yourself on a budget. Change your lifestyle. Do anything that you can to keep your faith because the reward is better than going back to a job you hate.


Career Tips That Will Help You Become A Better Leader


There will come a day when you become a leader of your own team. Whether it’s for a business, a corporation, or a small mom and pop shop, you may be foisted into a position that will force you to manage, control, and guide the people under you.

Before that happens, let me give you some advice. This will give you the motivation and direction you need to claim your place as a leader one day. These tips will also prevent you from making any mistakes that have been made by countless leaders in the past.

Work like an employee.

As a leader, you may feel the need to act like a leader, but it does not mean that that is your only duty. Being a leader means being part of the team. You have a role. Do it well. Do it so well that your employees see how hard you are willing to work. They will then follow suit.

Have a unified goal.

When you work at a company, they have a vision-mission. It is your job to uphold that vision and commit to achieving the mission. You do this by telling your subordinates that you are working together towards a unified goal. In turn, your company will work as one and achieve this goal as a whole.

Be a shining example of moral value.

When faced with problems, you should always handle them with tact, honesty, and virtue. If your team members see that you are taking shortcuts, they will see this as an excuse to act that way as well. They are like your children. Always set a good example for the good of all.

Draw a line between business and personal issues at work.

Being a leader means being the best mediator in the room. When issues arise at work, it is your duty to keep things from getting personal. Prevent emotions from getting volatile. Avoid letting personal lives affect work. The same goes for you. Not just for your employees.

Communicate and teach.

Employees and team members can sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can cost the company a lot. That is why you need to first communicate your directives properly and accordingly. If a team member makes a mistake, correct them properly, not by punishing them, but by teaching them how to fix problems, prevent them from happening again, and emphasizing the gravity of the consequences of their actions. If you make a mistake, let everyone know and treat yourself the same way you would an employee.

Be meticulous.

As a leader, you are in charge of everything. Even if you have project managers, team leaders, and supervisors, everything still has to go through you. That is why you need to develop a way to address everything that concerns your company in a timely manner. Don’t rush, but don’t forget to look into every detail as well.

You will work harder for much less than you expect.

You think being a leader means getting the big bucks? Indeed it is, but you also have the biggest liability. That is why you are paid well. You are tasked with the most difficult job and no amount of money can pay for the job you have, which is to be the captain of your ship, regardless if it floats or sinks.

Know when to back down.

Some people just aren’t cut out to be leaders. However, some people aren’t just cut out to be leaders of a certain team or company. If you feel that you cannot do what you need to as a leader, you need to reassess your position and consider stepping down. You may have power and authority, but it is not worth anything if your leadership is failing. Don’t worry. The reason for this is that you might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may soon find exactly where you fit in as a leader.

Are you ready to take on the role of a leader? Follow these career tips and watch yourself grow and shine to great heights.

Top Summer Internships for College Students in 2018


Whether you are a graduate or one of the many students in the US, chances are that you have considered an internship at some point. The truth is that it can be difficult finding the perfect go-to program based on your criteria and future profession. Let’s take a look at some of the top choices you should consider for the following summer of 2018 and how they can benefit your future career development.

PR and Marketing Internship – Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity

If you are anywhere near Buena Vista, CO, you might want to consider this full-time PR and marketing internship. Working on actual projects that revolve around helping families in need through solidifying the firm’s marketing practices is a great way to implement what you have learned in college. Best of all, you will have a full summer internship under your belt to cash in on once you apply for a full-time position afterwards.

Audit Internship – Eco-Bat Technologies

An interesting audit internship can be found in Dallas, TX, where interns will be tasked with reviewing and auditing internal practices of the company. This is a paid full-time internship for people who want to develop a career in finance or legalities as well as accounting. Extensive in-house support and mentorship are guaranteed and you will also have a chance to travel to subsidiaries in and around Dallas in order to perform your audits.

Cultural Ambassador Internship – Legacy International

For students and graduates living in Washington, DC, a cultural ambassador internship might be something to seriously consider. The internship revolves around Middle-Eastern culture and Saudi Arabia as a means to further solidify diplomatic relations and develop leadership skills of people participating in the project.

Your task would be to serve as an intermediary for incoming guests and local welcoming teams and ensure that the project wraps up smoothly. The internship is paid and requires full-time commitment, ensuring that students with background in diplomacy, history or cultural sciences get the best possible experience.

Graphic Design Internship – CCA Global Partners

While graphic designers do work from home most of the time, being around a professional team of creatives might be a good chance of pace. Enter the graphic design internship in Manchester, NH, where you can spend the summer creating marketing campaigns and developing visual branding with an international company as your host. This is a paid internship in which you will have a chance to develop new materials for retail stores as well as evaluate and redesign existing pieces of content which you can later use in your portfolio when applying for a permanent position.

Summer Engineering Assistant Internship – NC Department of Transportation

Lastly, if you are anywhere near Raleigh, NC, and are a student or graduate of architecture, urban planning or transportation, this might be right up your alley. The NC Department of Transportation is looking for interns for one or more consecutive summers in order to help them develop careers in urban planning and roadwork evaluation.

The internship consists of practical field work with mentorship requires the intern to conduct on-site evaluations, draft reports and create new roadwork plans based on gathered data. This is a great opportunity to apply everything you have learned in college and you can conduct the internship from different cities based on your own location.

As chance would have it, these are only some of the most predominant summer internships for 2018 that you should consider applying for. Make sure to carefully select the company based on personal criteria and merits you can earn by being their intern. While internships can often lead to full-time employment, your primary goal should be to learn as much as possible from the professionals you will be working with.