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Round Rockit Media is a full-service marketing and public relations firm dedicated to making the latest technological advances in customer outreach affordable and available for real estatelocal small businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, nonprofit associations, and government agencies in Round Rock and Central Texas. Over 35% of Central Texas residents are Hispanic, and Round Rockit Media is completely bilingual. Are you Facebooking in Spanish? 2.7 million Americans are.

We offer some real technological advantages to our clients, but haven’t lost our focus on the fundamental need – effective communication that motivates positive actions. Whether you are a Realtor, doctor, salesman, or local government, or charity, everyone has that same desire to communicate to achieve their goals.

We bring all the traditional tools: special event, print, radio, and television advertising. And all the newest tools: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, iPhone and Android apps, text messaging, online video, optimized website design. Your customers are communicating across an unprecedented number of platforms, and this presents an excellent opportunity to advertise, communicate, market, and provide ongoing customer service at much more affordable rates than traditional media.

Print, radio, and television are broadcast media. The message goes out one-way and is often imperfectly targeted to too many people. New media opportunities are usually cheaper, more targeted, and the results are easy to measure. Social media is about two-way and group communication. The immediate feedback can dramatically improve your customer service and retention rates. Technology has leveled the playing field for small businesses to compete. Round Rockit Media can make it happen for you!

Robert Butler founded Round Rockit Media after more than 20 years in the public arena. He began his public relations career in high school as the Military and Veteran Affairs Intern for US Senator Connie Mack.  He quickly discovered that marketing and public relations were his true calling.

Relationship-building and engagement has been at the heart of everything I have done professionally, and this can easily translate into excellent customer outreach in any industry. I’m really caught up in the wonder of how social media is transforming our world. It’s amazing that Sohaib Athar can tweet from his bedroom about helicopters buzzing his house as he suddenly discovers he lives next to Osama bin Laden. Or I can follow along with Gigi Ibrahim tweeting from Tahrir Square in Egypt while she stands up to a dictator. I want to bring that same level of immediacy and excitement to your business and its customer relations with engaging social media.” – Robert Butler

“I have over 15 years of experience managing political organizations, campaigns, and non-profit organizations. I studied campaign management at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. I authored a book, 18 Steps to Win a Local Election.  I’m currently working on my next book, Word of Mouth Marketing for Real Estate.”

Robert’s strengths include: Strategic Marketing and Brand Identity, Social Media Management, Customer Development, Education and Training, Human Resource Management, Volunteer Management (in the hundreds), 100% Bilingual English and Spanish, partially fluent Chinese, Lobbying Public Officials, Community Organizing, Activism, and Political Campaign Management.

Robert lives in Round Rock, Texas with his wife and three children.

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