Tips for Achieving a Career You Love


Generations before us were stuck with jobs that they did not like, but ones that they needed. In this day and age, we have more flexibility when it comes to choosing our profession. Still, there are times when we cannot achieve the jobs we would love to do. Writers become doctors. Doctors become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs become scientists. As appealing as all of those jobs are, if it’s not what you love, then there is a possibility that your career will not thrive the way you wish.

To find the job that you love and actually get hired for it, follow these tips:

Think about what you want to do

So you don’t like your job. The salary’s good. It pays the bills, but you wish every day that you didn’t have to get up because your job does not make your heart sing. So what does make you tingle inside? What is your dream? What is your skill? What are you so passionate about that you can actually make a living out of it. Find the answers to these questions before you take the next step. If your answers were wrong, take a look at step five.

Cultivate a plan

Before jumping the gun and leaving your work like those idiots in comedy films, you better make a plan before you start a new career. Leaving work is one thing, but leaving it without severance, savings, and insurance is another. If you want to follow your passion, make sure you have food on the table and electricity and water to get things done. To put it simply, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Just make sure you have a basket full of cash before leaving your job. Save before you find a new job.

Take the first step

Once you’ve saved enough so you can leave work, it is time to find the job you love. You can either start your own company, find an angel investor, or work for someone else. The first thing you should do is find the people that will help you do this. Look at job boards. Develop ideas for a business. Find people who will invest in your ideas.

Be proactive

It’s easy to say do this and do that, but you actually have to get up off your butt and act on what you want. If you want a certain job, train for it. If you want to open a business, study the market. If you want to apply to your dream job, get the prerequisites like another degree. In any case, do your best to get the job that you want.

Never give up

Finding the job you love is no easy task. There will be obstacles and no one will give you handouts – unless your family is rich. You will fail spectacularly and you will get up in the same way. You will do so again and keep repeating it until you finally get the job you always dreamed of. If it still hasn’t happened, don’t give up. Find another way.

Almost giving up, but not really

The probability of you not getting a job is very low. The probability of you not getting the job of your dreams is very high. So what do you do? You adjust. Find the job that you love and make concessions. Accept a lower salary. Commute to a farther workplace. Put yourself on a budget. Change your lifestyle. Do anything that you can to keep your faith because the reward is better than going back to a job you hate.