12 Great Reasons to Use Video

1. Reach out to your customers – placing videos on your website increases your traffic in three important ways: search engines rank websites with videos higher, viewers share interesting content with their friends, and videos are eye-catching on Facebook and other social sites.

2. Videos can now be used in many settings on different devices to increase your reach. Videos can be viewed on television, projection screens, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and iPads. They can be shown at special event kiosks, in your place of business, and even door-to-door sales calls.  DVD direct mail pieces increase open rates.

3. Video can help present a consistent message every time for every viewer. Put forward a consistent orientation, training, sales, or marketing message to enable wider audiences and on demand viewing.

4. Video is affordable. It’s no longer just for large corporations. A carefully scripted 3-5 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials.

5. Video can help you reach markets that live training or sales people can’t reach. Video helps you deliver your message to smaller market segments that may never be able to afford your live training services or markets to far away to reach.

6. Video can show your product or service in action, something brochures or written blogs can’t do. You could have one or more actual customers being filmed using your product or even stage a re-creation. In either case you want to show the real benefits of using your product.

7. Video can help a relatively small company look like a much larger national or international firm. You could film some of your suppliers or customer’s businesses. You could show your products (or services) being manufactured and used.

8. Video can be a perfect way to explain a complex process or technical product where the inner workings are hidden from view. Using computer generated graphics or an animation can clearly explain how a product or process works.

9. Video is a cost-effective way to sell or train people on products that require a demonstration in order to be sold or serviced, especially for products that are expensive to move or demonstrate.

10. Video is an ideal way to give “virtual tours” of your organization or real estate. By using close-ups and careful lighting you can put your best foot forward. Highlight those aspects of your organization that are most important to your customers such as quality control or pride of workmanship.

11. One reason video is such a powerful medium is because it involves the viewer’s emotions. The ability to reach an audience with images and sound can be incredibly persuasive. The combination of sights and sounds appeals both to those who learn visually and to those who respond more to auditory learning styles.

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