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How Can Effective Public Relations Make a Difference?

Trust in traditional advertising is at an all-time low.  An effective public relations strategy gets you and your organization in the news media on a regular basis.  This regular appearance in the news promotes your standing in the community, provides more credibility in your message, and brings more customers, donors, investors, or partners to your door.

Robert Butler Round Rockit MediaOur staff has over 20 years of public relations experience; generating positive news stories for our clients.   Our staff’s press releases and interviews have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and every major newspaper in Texas.  We have generated content resulting in over 65,400 results in a recent Google search.

Social media has completely revolutionized the importance of public relations.  Consumers expect to see evidence of your events online.  Photos and videos need to be accompanied by well-written articles, blog posts, and tweets to properly document events.

This presents an opportunity as well as a challenge.  Your organization may spend thousands of dollars on a special event.  By properly capturing that event in photos and video, it can live longer and reach many more people than those who attended.  Events shown publicly in the news media can generate buzz for days, but events captured online can continue bringing in new business for years.

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